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Advertisements appear everywhere in modern society. When you walk along the streets, you can see large billboards with beautiful girls smiling at you. You read newspapers, and you find half of the pages covered with ads. Turn on the TV set and you will see ads again. Whether you like it or not ads are pouring into your life every moment.


In order to attract more customers, advertisers will sometimes go to extremes. Advertisers adopt every possible stimulation in producing their announcements making ads, such as sound, light, colors, cartoon films, and human performance. For instance, to advertise a certain food, advertisers will employ an actor to sit at a table and devour their seemingly delicious food product while they film him. Later this ad will be seen on TV.


Although advertisements enable you to make decisions quickly, sometimes they cause lots of trouble. The most intolerable thing is to have to watch commercials before and during the films on TV. There are always many of them and they make you forget what you are sitting there for. Sometimes commercials for the same type of products are shown together forcing you to think about which brand you should choose.


These days advertisers devise hundreds of competitions which will enable us to win huge sums of money. They not only offer samples, but free cars, free houses, and free trip abroad as well. They have discovered that all of us love to get something for nothing. Radio and television have made it possible for advertisers to capture the attention of millions of people in this way. But not all advertisements are trustworthy. Certain advertised products turn out to be deceitful, or fail to live up to what is advertised. Some advertisements tempt consumers to spend money and buy things they don't really need. So the consumers' own sound judgments are necessary and essential.


Nowadays, more and more advertisements appear on newspapers, broadcasting, magazines as well as streets. Advertisement is a popular way to communicate with consumers. People have different views on advertisements.

Some people think advertisement guides choices of goods. Meanwhile, advertisements also offer us some new information about the product. And they help consumers to know the goods and the businessmen better. Consumers can gain not only knowledge of goods but also artistic enjoyment.

Contrary to those people, many others think advertisements are very unpleasant. Consumers are often cheated by the false advertisement on which consumers always waste a great deal of time. What is more, consumers feel annoyed to be interrupted when they are watching TV play. So I suggest that there should not be too many TV advertisements. The advertisements which will be issued must be approved by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.


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This article was published on 2010/10/08