Improve Your "Click Through Rate" by Writing Effective Google AD Copy

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SamMaking the most of your Google Advertising opportunities requires a good look at your advertising text from an internet marketer’s point of view. By incorporating some fundamental marketing logic to your Google PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads, you can increase your CTR (Click through Rate) without having to exponentially increase your CPC (Cost per Click) campaign budget.

Having the highest CTR possible is essential in getting your Google Adwords Advertisement ahead of your competition. Why? Before your advertisement is shown on Google or any of their partner sites, a quick calculation is performed to asses the ranking or position of each advertisement.

There are many other factors that govern your PPC ad’s ranking (such as landing page quality) but this is the basic formula.

‘CTR x CPC = Rank’

Just buy looking at the formula it is easy to see that an advertisement with the higher CTR will gain a better rank than an advert with a similar CPC. This is why it is important to make users ‘want’ to click on your ad. The more clicks your advertisement has in contrast to every time it is displayed (impressions), the higher your CTR.

Writing effective advertising copy for a Google advertisement can be tricky considering the restrictions your advert text is under.

• 25 characters for the headline
• 35 characters for text line 1
• 35 characters for text line 2
• 35 characters for your URL

Considering that you are not allowed to personalize your advert through colours or pictures, a greater emphasis is placed on the quality of the copy you need to write. By adding a few techniques used by internet marketing professionals, you’ll be able to maximize your adverts appeal.

Grab their attention!
Make a clear, strong statement in your advertisement. Use words and phrases that entice a feeling of action amongst your users. Google does not allow the use of phrases such as “Click Here” or “Visit this Link”, but this doesn’t stop you finding other actionable phrases like “Get your …” or “Order now”.

The most important element of these actionable phrases is the immediacy of the tone. By making the user feel that they have to click on the advert ‘NOW’, will increase your adverts response rate.

A good example of this would be …

“Order now, Sale ends in 2 days”

The example tells the user to take action immediately and sets a time limit in which they have to act within.

Target your customers!
Your advert performs 2 roles for you, funneling the right users to your website and diverting the wrong ones away. Your advert needs to qualify your customers right away, helping to convert advertisement clicks into sales on your website.

For example, if your website is selling a documentary DVD about World War 2 called “Toy Soldiers”, you wouldn’t want parents looking to buy toys clicking on the advertisement. Your advert needs to catch a user searching for your product at the time that they are looking for it, increasing your chances of a sale. Refining this advert to target history buffs or war enthusiasts in this case, would yield a higher click-to-sale ratio.

Don’t be afraid to get personal!
Using words like “You” or “Your” can be very provocative. Words like these address the user on a one-on-one basis. Using these words in conjunction with phrases that evoke basic human emotions can also be very engaging. Creating emotions like pleasure, fear, hope or even greed within your user can increase the impact of your advertisement.

For example a security company could write a Google Adwords advert that says …

Ultra-Sound Security
Don’t delay, protect your family
Free security quote within 24 hours

In a few lines this advert says quite a lot. It makes a statement quickly and engages a user’s sense of fear for the security of their loved ones. The advert also makes a quick play on the greed emotion, by offering a free security quote heightening the adverts appeal. It also makes a confident statement about the company’s ability to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently with reference to their quotation time.

Remember that the tone of your advertisement will help create that vital first impression of your business. In the case of the security company, they present themselves as strong and efficient while offering a professional service at a reasonable price.

The most important thing to remember while writing a good Google Advertisement is confidence in your service capabilities. If you don’t sound confident in your own abilities, the user reading your advertisement won’t either.
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Improve Your "Click Through Rate" by Writing Effective Google AD Copy

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This article was published on 2008/01/25